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Course name: Examino (all levels)

Focus: Preparing for all government recognized exams (such as ÖSD and ÖIF) as well as mock exam training (written and oral)

EDP preparation for levels B2, C1: (Supplementary exam German) (written and oral)


Additional preparatory workshops for the following courses:

A1: Presenting yourself; describing of pictures; writing of emails in simple German

A2: Engaging in dialogues; planning something together; answering of private emails.

B1: Talking about a given topic; writing of private and formal letters

B2: Arguing and convincing; interpreting pictures (photos); writing a letter of complaint and writing of an essay

C1: Arguing and convincing; holding a presentation on a given topic; written presentation or commentary; writing of a statement

C2: Business German; negotiating; literature: German in poems and stories/reports

Only by registration!     Limited number of participants!   

Course times:

Friday morning 9:00-12:00 3 lessons of 50 min each (including a total of 30 minutes for breaks) months/€ 500           or           € 300 per month 

Duration and price: 

every Friday a different level

for participants already enrolled in a course at the Schubert College:

€ 20 for 3×50 minutes

for all other participants:

€ 40 for 3×50 minutes



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