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Course Name: Mozartino

Target group: for all those who don’t have all that much time during the week but are willing to invest some of their free time at home
Focus: grammar, speaking, writing.

Course Times:

Mo – Th afternoons 13:00 – 15:00

2 ‍‍‍lessons with 50 minutes each (including a total of 20 minutes of breaks) – 32 lessons per month

Duration and Price:

Level A1

2 months/€ 400           or           € 250 per month

Level A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

3 months/€ 600           or           € 250 per month


Begegnungen und Erkundungen, published by the Schubert Verlag

Joining lessons after an assessment test is possible anytime.  No assessment test necessary for courses of level A1 

Course end:

Participants receive a certificate of participation after attending a course for at least a full month.

After 2 resp. 3 months: participants are issued a Schubert-certificate and on demand (for a fee) the opportunity to take an officially recognized examination (ÖSD or ÖIF).

Our offer:

Prices for a complete level (equalling 2 or 3 months) include course books!

For courses lasting less than 2 months please add approx. € 25 for the course book

For the courses Schubertino and Mozartino we at the Schubert College offer scholarships (these scholarships are only available for participants who have attended at least one complete level!)

After 2 resp. 3 months we conduct an internal test. Those participants who have received the highest number of points are entitled to study for free at the Schubert College for one month.

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