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Course name‍‍‍: ‍‍‍Workshop Austria (from level A2)

Focus: Information on Austria’s customs, history and tradtions

Geography: geographical location and its relevance for Austria, federal provinces (regional differences, cultural influences and impact)

Modern history of Austria: 1848 till today (development of republic and democratic structures, minorities, the so-called “Anschluss”, First and Second World War, the Allied forces, Austrian State Treaty, Wirtschaftswunder (“economic miracle”), the Iron Curtain, the European Union) 

Social studies and law: structure of Austria’s social security system, education, democratic institutions, rights and obligations of citizens, political parties

Culture and entertainment: well-known Austrians, successful companies, traditional food, customs and festivals, traditions and holidays, similarities and differences compared to other countries

Intercultural competences: regional differences, lifestyle, values, emancipation, etiquette and manners

Only by registration! Limited number of participants!

Course Times:

Fr mornings 09:00 – 12:00

3 lesso‍‍‍ns of 50 min each (including a total of 30 minutes for breaks)‍‍‍

Duration and Price:

 every Friday a different level

For participants already enrolled in a course at the Schubert-College:

€ 20 for 3×50 minutes

For all other participants:

€ 40 for 3×50 minutes


For all workshops on Friday (Language Café, Examino and Workshop Austria) we provide you with a “bonus card”. This card allows you to combine Language Café, Examino and Workshop Austria at your own discretion.

For participants already enrolled in a course at the Schubert-College: 6x Workshop € 8‍‍‍0 (instead of € 90)


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