Over coffee and gossip, learn about new trends and simple methods that will help you to give your everyday life a beautiful face.

Make an appointment alone or with friends.

All workshops last 3 to a maximum of 4 hours.

  1. Bring your own make-up! We’ll show you what’s possible with it!
  2. Let us know if you should need our make-up. We will provide everything you need for a fee of € 5.

Colors and style advice included!

Our motto: less is more!

1. Daylissimo price: € 30/3 hours

Make-up for every day

Goal: To put on make-up for everyday use in 10 minutes

2. Kreatissimo Price: € 48/4 hours

Make-up for the evening and special occasions.

Wedissimo (Wedding makeup) Price € 60/3 hours

Aim: Make yourself up for special evenings and occasions.

3. Teenissimo Price: € 40/3 hours

Make-up for teenagers

Aim: to cover up without putting on make-up

In all courses we have brushes and sponges for you to use!

The first step to success

Free placement test

Do you have anymore questions?

Our groups are very small. We have between 3 and a maximum of 10 participants in a group.

You have three options:

  • You click on a course directly on the website and fill out the registration form
  • You write us an email and we will send you a registration form
  • You come straight to college and sign up

Levels A1-B1 last 2 months / 8 weeks. A total of 96 teaching units (TU).

Levels B2-C1 last 3 months / 12 weeks. A total of 144 teaching units. Of course, you can also book just 2 months.

No, we don’t have this classification. But you can only book a German course for one month.

What do I pay if I don’t want to book the entire course?

For a 1 month German course you pay € 270. For two months € 500.

Yes, all of our courses prepare for the ÖIF and ÖSD exam formats.


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