ÖIF integration exams

Schubert College is a certified ÖIF examination center in Vienna we offer ÖIF exams or ÖIF integration exams for levels A2, B1, B2.

ÖIF exams are Austrian exams and are only recognized in Austria.


In college or on the internet
no later than 2 days before the exam

preparing for
ÖIF exams

A1, A2 and B1 (6 units)


Cash, ATM or online


Preparation for the integration test A1, A2 or B1 in small groups, fixed course times (6 units) + integration test € 240

online booking

ÖIF mock exams

Integration questions A1

Integration questions A2

Integration questions B1

Integration questions B2

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frequently asked Questions

At least one day before the exam.

You can enroll in college through the website, by email, or in person.

ÖIF exams are German exams that are recognized in Austria.

A2 and B1 ÖIF exams are also integration exams. You need these exams if you live in Austria and do not come from the EU. During the integration exams there are additional questions about Austria.

ÖSD exams are international exams for German that are recognized all over the world.

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